The Alchemy of Love – 4th Chakra Alchemy

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Feb 4, 2015 - Feb 8, 2015


OSHO Leela Centrum / CZ


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Experiencing the spiritual Heart

What is love? What do we actually know about love? So much is said and written about love, so many songs, poems, literature … And yet, what is the intellectual understanding of love compared to an experience in the heart that feels warm, expanded and alive when the tone of a wonderful melody touches our heart?

Love happens to us, we can not make it happen. But we can create an atmosphere and conditions in which love has a chance to breed and grow.

Love is a surprise, a gift. We can demand love; it will only come on its own terms.

Love is showered upon us all the time. Yet, many times we don’t notice the precious gift, because love comes very silently and in unpredictable forms.

We are educated to use the mind more than the heart. We pass years of learning and training the mind, accumulating knowledge until we believe that the learned is the reality.

And we will be surprised … when we let the control of our head go. Life is more simple, more spontaneous, more relaxed and full of mysteries waiting for us.

We will use heart-meditations, breathing, bodywork, dance and sharings to leave the control of the head behind and open to our hearts.

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