Out of the Blue – Alchemy of the 5th Chakra

Alchemy of the 5th Chakra

תאריך / זמן

May 21, 2015 - May 24, 2015


Kaktus Studio / ISR


– This group will be with Russian translation into English –



There are these moments, when „out of the blue“ there is a sudden idea, a clear picture on our inner screen, a sudden feeling or knowing what is the right thing to do. These are the moments of resourcefulness and true creativity. Later on we might say: „It just happened, I don’t know how.“ And actually we don’t need to know.

On the other hand there are those moments when we are trying hard to find a solution for a problem, or we need to complete a work, create a presentation … and nothing works. Draft after draft ends up in the waste basket and we are getting nervous from time pressure without any result.

Creative solutions do not have to be accidental and lack of resourcefulness is only a belief about ourselves. And there are many of those old beliefs which we don’t even identify as beliefs. We have learned to belief that “this is who I am”, “this is my inner nature” or “there is nothing I can do about it”.

The workshop offers the possibility of identifying limiting beliefs on all levels of our lives: relationship, love, profession, money, creativity… Many of these beliefs are linked to our self worth and unconscious values. As soon as we become conscious of our self set limits, we can dare to choose new and unknown options congruent with our values in life. Stepping from known and familiar behaviour patterns into new and unknown situation in life is the soil for creativity and new ways of expression.


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